Marketing  & Communications Reviews

Marketing materials — brochures, radio ads, direct mail, tweets, newsletters, print ads, websites and email — are an ever-expanding portion of a credit union’s operations.  Unfortunately, in many credit unions, the marketing department isn’t overly familiar with regulations and often does not have the time to review marketing materials. As a result, you may be sending the public noncompliant marketing materials.

Have confidence in your compliance with our Marketing and Communications Review solution. Throughout the year, our team of professionals will review your credit union's marketing materials and other member communications as you produce them. Send the marketing pieces to us daily or weekly —we will review the pieces and turn them back to you with any suggestions in a timely manner. With years of experience in marketing compliance, our team may identify issues you have overlooked.

Marketing materials are reviewed for compliance with federal laws and regulations, including:

  • Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
  • Electronic Fund Transfer Act/Regulation E
  • Equal Credit Opportunity Act/Regulation B
  • Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Regulations
  • NCUA Rules & Regulations
  • Non-Deposit Investment Product Requirements
  • Truth in Lending/Regulation Z
  • Truth in Savings/NCUA Rules and Regulations Part 707